Timeless Love – a modern puntone collection. (Editor and author).


George lives in Danville, New Hampshire, USA. He is a substitute teacher, also serves as an elected member of the Danville Budget Committee and appointed as the Co-Chair of Timberlane Paarents Advisory Forum. George has a Master degree in Manaagaement and an undergraduate degree in Political Science (minor English Literature), both from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. His goal is to contribute to the poetic legacy and wishes that his work encourages other new artists to do the same.

George has written poetry from childhood; it was a grade school teacher who first added a comment on one of his works with questions as to whether he was alluding to “Keats”, “Shelly”, “Byron”, or other such English artists. George, at that age, never heard of them, so he guess this style of writing follows a universal spirit, at the same time, unique to him in this modern era. Now, at least when he writes, he not only knows who these artists are (and the other poets he has studied, from classical to contemporary) but, in turn, are more than mere poetic allusions, they are his living, breathing guides in this luminous field. George has published more than a dozen books since 2003 until now.

George is the founder and administrator of the on-line poetry magazine In 2017, he collaborated with GAKSA (ASEAN Association of Literary Communities) to form the World Association of Literary Communities (WALC) which operates through a Facebook group under the same name.